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Software for battery design and simulation

Battery Design Studio is a standard user-friendly interface design, simulation and analysis,of batteries, including packs. Several chemistries include lithium ion, lithium managnese dioxide, lithium thionyl chloride and zinc air.

User-friendly input screens, physics-based models for cell design and simulation, user-expandable database of commonly used materials and components.

  • Design

    Create a virtual battery based on actual cell design. Select from spiral, stack and parallel plate designs.

  • Evaluate

    Run simulations to evaluate current, temperature and voltage behavior under various conditions.

  • Optimize

    Use built-in solvers to optimize battery design such as maximize energy and power density.

Use the software to design experiments, analyze experimental data, maintain a database of components and cell designs, carry out simulations, fit model parameters, and generate reports. The software provides a powerful means to exchange information with colleagues in a consistent and complete manner. The software now includes a gap analysis for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) batteries. The software can analyze test data for HEV batteries to determine how well the batteries meet USABC goals.