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BDS version released

Models added to Battery Design Studio:

  • Spiral Distributed 3D
  • RCRTinterp - adds capability to simulate effect of discharge/charge rate for a given temperature and rate.

Models removed from Battery Design Studio:

  • R model (NTG model simulates the R model if Y parameter is set to 1/Ro value and the RCR model simulates the R model if Rp = 0, and tau set to a large value).

Changes to existing models in Battery Design Studio:

  • For spiral cell models the tab separation angle was changed so that it is no longer relative to the starting position.
  • The implementation of the MacMullin number for all pouch cells was changed. In early versions of bds, the MacMullin number, Nmac, was defined as
  • [1] Nmac = pow(Porosity, -Bruggeman)/Porosity; A paper (I. Thorat et al, J. Power Src., 188 (2009) 592-600) reported that a more accurate equation was
  • [2] Nmac = BruggemanPreExp *pow(Porosity, -Bruggeman)/Porosity; with BruggemanPreExp=1, by default. The equation in BDS was incorrectly implemented in BDS as:
  • [3] Nmac = BruggemanPreExp *pow(Porosity, -Bruggeman); The Nmac value from [3] is missing the 1/Porosity factor. This factor was corrected for the BDS and later releases So the MacMullin # used will be computed erroneously by [3] in BDS versions from to after eq [1] was changed and before eq [3] was added. The "right" value for the Bruggeman is given by [1] and [3]. Eq [3] was implemented in pouch cells; for spiral cells eq [1] is still used

Battery Design Studio Framework Enhancements

  • This version of BDS provides a translator to convert data from PEC file format to out file format.
  • A batch option for BDS is now available. This provides the ability to run a simulation in BDS from the command line. This is implemented as a BDSBatch command that has the usage: bdsbatch -s -t -p -o where the options are
    • -h Help
    • -s Non-GUI mode
    • -t Absolute path of tbm file name
    • -p Absolute path of prg file name
    • -o Absolute path of output folder
    • -r Absolute path of report file Fields for SOC, Temperature, Heat Generation and Volts have been added to the output file.

    Graphical User Interface
  • 1. Stack plate builder
    • Checks that the sum of the tab offset and the tab width is less than the width of the cell and alerts the user if this is not the case

Build and SDK Environment

  • BDS is now built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, so users who create their own models using the SDK need to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.