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Battery Design Studio is copyright of Battery Design LLC , dedicated to helping companies use battery design and simulation software.

Battery Design Services - a complete solution

Find the best battery for your application by testing a range of commercially available batteries in your application using simulation. Battery Design uses models of commercially available cells to build packs and can produce realistic simulations of performance over a wide range of conditions so you can estimate how a battery will work before carrying out expensive and time-consuming testing.

Based on your requirements, we can develop an optimal battery design for your application. Working with you, we will simulate the performance of a number of battery designs under your planned use conditions. The results of the simulations will be used to make design trade-offs and select the best battery for your specific application. Once the optimal battery for your application is identified, the next step is to build the battery and charging system. We can have the battery system toll manufactured for you and verify that the battery system meets your requirements.

Our capabilities to simulate battery performance with good fidelity allows you to quickly evaluate how real batteries will work under your specific use conditions. Carrying out simulations provides you with accelerated experience so that you can understand the trade-offs involved in battery selection and have confidence in your selection.